Monday, May 4, 2009

Having Fun with Flea Markets and Yard Sales

Having Fun with Flea Markets and Yard Sales

I love going to yard sales and flea market for the thrill of the hunt. The excitement of not knowing what you will find is astounding. When you find something that you may have been saving for; or that is on your wish list of things you really become amazed. Most of the times you already know the items retail value. You can meet people who share the same interest as you do, and learn all types of creative ideas. Yard sales have a way of teaching you a valuable lesson on saving money. Just by visiting yard sales can change the way you hand over your hard earned dough. I have enjoyed this hobby for more than 14 years. I buy, sell, refurbish, and also donate items I find.
Speaking of yard sales, those who know hot collectibles and antiques can make a hefty nickel on their finds. What may look like an ordinary toy or an old dinnerware piece to you and I can be worth much more to a keen collector, but unless you know this, you would never suspect it. One who has true knowledge on specific collectibles or antiques and what they are worth; flea markets and yard sales can make you a nice second income with little effort. In fact, there are many people who make their living by buying from yard sales and then reselling it to collectors.

If something catches your interest, spend a little more time on eBay researching prices that it sells for. By knowing and understanding this, you can avoid buying things you truly don't need. Now when you happen to come across one selling at a yard sale, you will know you have found a deal and you can ultimately turn your interest into an extra way to make money.

You can find so many diverse items buy visiting yard sales and flea markets. One can find their selves becoming a collector. I’m truly addicted to flea markets and yard sales. Often I plan road trips around different shops in route of my travels. It’s almost nothing I can‘t see in a decorating magazine and loaf of to a yard sale and flea market and find. Its fun!! And challenging myself to remake something look new or functional gives me great pleasure.

Showing people my home is also a thrill. It’s amazing to see the look on people’s faces on how well it’s decorated, and then revealing where I bought, and how much I paid for each piece. My master Asian inspired bedroom is a big shocker. I did the entire room for under $2000.00 (furniture included).

I’m an Interior Designer. I get a lot of my furniture pieces and accessories from yard sailing and flea markets for my clients. When I started going to flea market sales and yard sales was out of necessity never knowing I would love it as a hobby and now a full time business and career. I wouldn’t trade anything for this.

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