Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Liposuction " is it the new C-Section trend?

Its amazing how it seems that now everyone's doctor is suggesting surgery. You either hear lap band,gastric bypass recommendations to solve health problems and to conquer weight loss. This reminds me of back in the 90's when a C-sections was highly recommended than a natural delivery. Often more than 40% of C-sections weren't medically necessary.

I'm a bit suspicious that this is a way for these doctors giving the suggestions can rack up some money.

This is a new trend that is very unpleasing to me. People are choosing vanity over life,and risk of death. While doctors are ranking in huge profits. This is a nother fad that happened when doctors were suggesting that everyone have a C-section when often not needed because a surgery is more money for them than a natural birth.

Please remember know your body and research,research and research. Make doctors give you information and back up data to you that supplies why you should have the recommendations they give.

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  1. I surely hope this isn't such. I had this happen where i had a Cesarean at 16. Later found out the doctor was doing this to a lot of women 14-25 where I delivered