Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Closet Organization~` a great tip also.....shh!

I'm working on a closet system that will work for me;and maybe you. I will blog about tips that I've found to be very helpful. First, I know we should empty out our closets, and only put back what were going to wear. Then It's best to group items of the same, i.e. Shirts,Skirts,etc. Then it's suggested that we color coordinate items from light to dark. Well I've also learn that if you haven't wore it in a year then get rid of it.

Here's a tip to knowing if somethings time is up in your closet.
(drum roll) turn all of your hangers backwards. Each time you wear something clean it and put it back in the closet with the hanger turned the right way. If you find that at the end of the season you still have hangers turned the wrong way you may consider getting rid of the item , You haven't worn it so It may need to go.

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